The Sun’s Silent Time

The Sun’s Silent Time



The interconnectedness of all life stands before us in its sacred cycles, in this winter time, this womb time, this silent time. We have the opportunity to go inward, rather than outward, and let our bodies dream forward that which yearns, that which longs to hold our attention for the coming year.

In these days of bright reflection, dappled shadows reaching far across the landscape, offer yourself some solitude to reflect in this slowing down time. The earth is your mirror; her beauty is your beauty.

In these languid nights, allow your body to rest and dream, and know that here at Potter’s Farm in early January, many will be dreaming for the People in a deep Kiva Dreaming Ceremony.

You may want to consider the Sip and Stitch gathering at the end of the month…drink herbal teas, knit, crochet…whatever delights your fancy, and if you are learning to work with yarn for the first time, many will be on hand to assist. Contact Evergreen (evergreen at evergreenspiritpress  dot com) for more details.

Returning to the Land

Returning to the Land

RSpringPondLookingWestSo much beauty abounds at Potter’s Farm. Amidst the beautiful gatherings of people throughout the year lies the rising sounds of the coyote, the deep reflection of an owl, the chirp of crickets, the song of peepers, the conversation of birds. Take some time to return to the land, enjoy your connection with all that is alive, and attend one or more of these upcoming events:




Or consider a journey along a two-year quest with Teachings of the Delicate Lodge in The Art of Peace.

Love the Farm

Love the Farm

We know you do!!  So that is why the Potter’s Farm Board is offering a free food/board weekend in exchange for your time and talents. The Farm needs your on-going love to help with routine maintenance and small projects that are outside the scope of our Caretakers responsibilities. It is a great opportunity to be in community and give back. Click on “Love the Farm” to register.  Even though the event is free, we need you to register so that we can plan for food and lodging needs for all attending. The event is coming soon, July 22-24, so please register as soon as possible.

BONUS: during the Love the Farm weekend, a Wisdom Council will be held to consider the question

What is needed to create a clear vision for the care and sustainability of the trees of Potter’s Farm (including the forest, pine plantations, and orchard?)

We would love to have your presence and valuable insight for the Council as well.


The Cycle of Transformation Continues

The Cycle of Transformation Continues

There was lots of activity at the Farm in June.

The Barn continues to undergo it’s transformation!  The final grading is now complete, new barn doors built and installed, and the space blessed and energized by two ceremonies.

BarnRenewedBarn with door

Our current Council Guides in Training team held a teaching ceremony in early June for those wishing to expand  and learn more about themselves by attending the  “Remember Who They Are” event. Twenty one people came to the Farm to participate–many for the first time. And like many of us already have experienced, they came to see the beauty of the land and space as “home.”

You can have this experience as well. Consider any one of the many upcoming events listed on our Calendar to inter-connect your heart with the community here at Potter’s Farm.

Our 13th Annual Prayer Dance ceremony was  also held in June. A special time of community coming together in prayer and to honor the high season of Summer and Grandfather Sun. Prayer Dance 2017 will again be held in late June. Plan now to attend the Dance dedicated to the “Sacred Dream of Life.”

Looking for a Good Detox?

Looking for a Good Detox?

Join us at Potter’s Farm for a weekend of Green Wisdom!

Master Herbalist, Gigi Stafne will lead a class on the detoxifying properties of various spring herbs along with discussing the various ways in which your body can heal and detoxify. Learn which plants can best aid in the process. Time will also be spent on the land, becoming better acquainted with the plants as well as in the kitchen, creating teas, tinctures, flower essences and other herbal products to take home.

What a perfect way to relax and enjoy the peaceful green energy of the Farm!!

There are still openings for this class. To register, please contact Jenn at 715-373-2988 or   Cost for the class is $125 for 2 days of instruction Saturday 9a-4p includes lunch and Sunday 9a-1p.  For more information, please see the Courses – CAM Course section of the Green Wisdom website at



Many new things are blossoming at the Farm. The Lily of the Valleys are filling the air with their sweet fragrance. The apple trees are bursting with color and wonderful scents as well. The grass is green, the Grandmother Oak tree is budding, and the herbs are breaking through the Earth in the garden reaching for the sun.

Not only is the land transforming but so is our beloved Barn. The Potter’s Farm Board is grateful for all the support of the People who know and love this Land and Sacred Space. Many of you call it “home.” Without the generous financial and energetic support of the One Heart Circle community and friends of the Farm,  the transformation of this 100 year old elder statesman we call The Barn would not be possible.

Over the winter and into the spring, the Barn has been transformed to its new and improved beauty while still honoring its rich historic charm.  The “face lift” includes larger windows to allow in more natural light while the wall beneath the windows will be resurfaced with the original stone. The indoor space will have added lighting and more functionality for our many events and ceremonies. As these projects go, several unexpected issues revealed themselves as we took apart and began to put back together this amazing building that has withstood the test of time and several generations. One of the major issues that arose was the need to do extensive roof repairs.

Currently, the project is slated for completion by the end of the summer. There are several portions of the project however that still need your financial support in order to make this happen.  Some of these needs are for landscaping, a new barn door, indoor lighting and roof repair. If you are called to support these continued “home” improvements, we would love to hear from you!

Please click here to Donate now. If you have further questions about the project, please contact Fundraising Taskforce member Lauranne Bailey  at  608-332-3692.

Barn windows complete


Coloring: It’s not just for kids anymore!

Coloring: It’s not just for kids anymore!

Consider gifting yourself a relaxing and meditative weekend at Potter’s Farm by attending the upcoming

Color My World
Adult Coloring Weekend adult-coloring_0
Finally, here’s your opportunity to color outside the lines if you want!  Adult coloring has been trending over the last few years. It’s a great way to de-stress while you de-light in a favorite childhood pass time. The practice generates wellness, quietness and also stimulates brain areas related to motor skills, the senses and creativity.  And, the best part– IT’S FUN!!
Join your hosts Evergreen and Ravenwind for the event on May 13-15, 2016 while there is still space available. Click here for more details! 

Spring is Here!

Come, Awaken with the Land at Potter’s Farm! 


Spring Ceremony is fast approaching! What better way to celebrate the changing seasons and re-connect with the Land than being in community with the People of the One Heart Circle!

The Spring Ceremony, April 22-24, will be a time for you to open in new ways as you  play and explore.

Space is still available and it is not too late to register. Contact Registration Point LovingDragon for more information.  For full details on the event, click on the Calendar.



Welcome home

Welcome home



“I felt like I was coming home.”

Many people who drive down our tree lined, winding road say this very thing. Coming to Potter’s Farm is like coming home to yourself.  From our historic stone barn, rustic farmhouse and wooded trails, our retreat center will bring you back to nature in a gentle and lasting way.

Our calendar for 2016 is filling up.  Click on the calendar tab at the top of the page to see what events or ceremonies your heart is calling you to attend.

We’ll see you when you get home.


Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 3.41 PMAs Venus and Jupiter make their grand alignment on July 1, in the cusp of the full moon, so are many gathering in their own alignment to pay homage to our Sun, the complement to our Mother Earth, so that we may live. Soon  Potters Farm will be buzzing with community as the 12th annual Prayer Dance commences.